Little Dresses

Even though spring has not quite sprung here in the North East US, I am feeling the desire to dress in little dresses, shorts, sandals and flats in SL.  I found a few cute little dresses for free that I wanted to show you. 

This first dress doesn’t exactly scream spring to me, but damn, is it cute.  It is the Midnight Mania from Dilly Dolls and comes in 10 colors!  Meaning, when you win the dress, there are 10 colors in the folder!  Amazing deal!  I put it with this little spider/heart necklace from Primalot.  Look at the detail in this!  This is either a freebie in the store, or in the subscribo, I can’t remember which.  And I have been lagging so badly in SL tonight that I didn’t go check.  I figure y’all can go look for yourselves.  ;p

Next up, I got a notice about a Group Gift from Forbidden Apple.  The purple flowered dress is the group gift and the red one is across the entryway as a free gift.   I put a purple White Well hair with the purple dress. Duh. You should always wear purple hair with a purple dress, right?  With the red dress I wore a hair from Roge with a color change flower.  I did head over to the Roge store and the hair is a freebie, but is now in pink. 

This last dress is from a store called aDiva.  There are 4 pink dresses available for free, and this one was my favorite.  Actually, the back of this dress is my favorite part.  I love the criss-cross straps.  I put this with a Blonde Group Gift hair from ChiChickie for a seriously springy look! 

The details:
1st pic:
Dress:  Dilly Dolls Plaid Betty Red MM Prize (comes with 10 colors in the pack!) 
Hair:  ETD Emily Black with Red Tips 
Bracelets:  Dilly Dolls Emilie Autumn Wrist Bands 
Necklace:  Primalot ‘Caught’ Delicate Spider Necklace  (free or subscribo)

2nd pic:
Dress:  Forbidden Apple Group Gift Housemaid Flower Purple
Hair:  White Well Hair 18 Purple 10L 
Necklace:  Bonita Antique Pearl Wrapped Necklace

Dress:  Forbidden Apple Red Dress Set Free
Hair:  Roge Hair 03 burgandy  (seems to only be available as a freebie in pink now)
Necklace:  Primalot Tahitian Princess Free

3rd pic:
Dress:  aDiva Collection Strawberry Roses  Free
Hair:  ChiChickie Allura Honey Group Gift 
Necklace: Rain Drops by The Blue Pearl  5L
Shoes:  50 Flats Sakura



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