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Random Cute Stuffs

This is a completely random post, cuz I found some cute free and cheap stuff today that I wanted to share, even though none of exactly went together.  So it is Random Thursday.  I just decided. 

First up is a cute hair that is a group gift at CriCri.  I liked this when I put it on, and then realized it comes with a resize and color change (!) script!  Also, the hat comes with a flower, that you can take off.  I am showing it without.  So go to the CriCri store, there is a sign to join the group over the camping chairs, then wear your tag and touch the box on the makeup table. 

The hair has long tendrils around your face, and it pulled back in a messy ponytail in the back.  Very cute! Here I am showing 3 of the colors you can change the hair to:  light brown, berry and blonde.  I think there are about 8 colors total.

So then I heard about a 10L sale going on at Under the Sun.  So I headed over and found these adorable shoes and leggings.  Only 10L for the shoes and leggings and they come in super cute themes!  There are a bunch available, I am only showing 2 here.
The first one I got is called Hamster Thief.  I love the little guy clinging to the side of the shoe!  He makes me feel all warm and squishy inside.  Sqeeeee!

The next one is called Lollipops and Razor Blades.  Which struck me funny. 
Probably cuz I can be sweet, or a total bitch depending on when you catch me. And what kind of douchebaggery I have been dealing with.  😐 

And then I saw a notice about a jewelry sale at .:DbNR:.    There are a couple 1L items, one of which is this double hearts necklace, which I think is very cute.  Most of the other items in the store are between 25-50L, so it is worth a look-see. 

All the poses in this post are from a store called IZUMIYA.  Everything in the store is super cheap, but there is also a freebie room upstairs, where there are 3 free pose pack for females and 3 free pose packs for males.  So that is also worth a trip.  

Well, there is my random post.  I will try to do an actual outfit at some point.  Maybe.

The details:

Hair:  CriCri gHatFree-Ver2 Color change hair and removable flower – Group Gift

Shoes and Leggings:  U:t:S Lollipops and Razor Blazes and U:t:S Hamster Theif  – 10L sale on everything in the store  

Necklace:  .:DbNR:.  Double Heart Necklace with Diamonds  1L

Poses:  IZUMIYA Free Poses – There is a whole free room of free items upstairs including 3 female and 3 male pose packs 

Tank:  Whimsy Long Tank  (former hunt prize)
Shorts:  Gbberish Urban Hot Pants (Plain Dark)  (former gift)

  1. April 16, 2009 at 9:42 pm

    Great finds! I’ll be off shopping asap!

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