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*Hexed* sale or I really love red and black :/

Perion let me know about a sale going on at Hexed, and because I am apparently a moron, I had never been there.  Well, I headed over and OMG!  Great stuff!!  Awesome prices!!!  GO NOW!!!  Srsly. 

Everything is 25, 50 or 75L and fatpacks are 100L.  I bought a lot, needless to say.  😐 
And I was not aware of it, but as I started taking photos, my fondness for red and black became apparent.  *rolls eyes at myself*
There ARE other colors there.  Honest. 


In this pic, 1st look:
Hair:  ETD MariJayne II Black
Necklace:  *Hexed* Cross Necklace
Top:  *Hexed* Alt Classic T Plain Cropped (Red)
Skirt:  *Hexed* Alt Envy Skirt (Red)
Leggings:  From *Hexed* Tanya Outfit
Boots:  Shiny Things Ving Boots (Black)
2nd look:
Dress:  *Hexed* Oriental Halterneck Dress (Red) 
Hair:  ETD Celia – Scarlet Blackened 
Bracelet:  ~flirt~ Bloom Bangle Jasper/Bronze  
Earrings:  Primalot ‘Disco’ Earrings 
Shoes: Adam n Eve Seductress Crimson
3rd look:
Outfit:  *Hexed* Tanya Red
Hair:  Magika Betty II Black B 
Necklace:  *Hexed* Cross Necklace
Bracelet:  Zhi-fi Girlie Rocker Bracelets Red  (in 1st and 3rd pic)
Boots:  ETD Buckle Boots (Diablo)

Above pic:
Top:  *Hexed* Plunge Neck Halter shown in Green, Silver and Blue.  Fatpack is 100L for 6 colors
Jeans:  :Malt: Loose Fit Denim 
Hair:  ETD Bonita II in Scarlet Blackened
Necklace:  ChaosLotus plain silver necklace  

Above pic:
Top: *Hexed* Frilled Halterneck Top (Floral Cream)
Top: *Hexed* Basic Cami Pack shown in Yellow
(comes in 8 colors for 25L)
Top:  *Hexed*  Untied Top (Dark Red)
Above Pic:
Top:  (PixelLounge) Annie Bodice from 50L Sale at PixelDolls Belle Star Location 
Skirt:  *Hexed* Alt – Attitude Skirt (Red)
2nd look
Top:  *Hexed* Alt Long T – Plain (Red)
Skirt:  *Hexed* Alt – Attitude (Black Plaid)
In Both Pics:
Boots:  J’s Goth Buckle Up Boots
Necklace:  *Hexed* Cross Necklace
Hair:  ETD Jackie Black
Glasses:  *77* Glasses –  Clara from SLinfo Hunt

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