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Bunneh sez Happy Easter

I have seen a ton of bunny outfits on the Grid and I have to say, this one from Twisted and Spoiled, for the Bunny Hop Hunt, I think is the best.  They put an amazing amount of detail into this outfit, right down to tiny chains on the cuffs.  This is extremely well done and the fact that they put such detail into a freebie speaks volumns to me about the creator.  Well done!  And look at the tail!  So cute!

The ears are super cute, with one slightly floppy.  They are much more realistic than some of the other ears I have seen.  You know the ones…the ones that are stiff as a board and stick straight up.  That might be good in some things 😐  but not in bunny ears!  This hair is very sexy and is a new group gift from *Shop Seu*.  Join the group and look in notices.

A close up of the super cute ears and the bowtie and collar.

And look at these boots!  A new freebie out from EvA!  I was really struggling for shoes to wear with this outfit and then I got this notice today about these free bunny boots!  Perfect!   EvA is so generous with gifts and her boots are always so nicely done. 

Bunny Outfit:  Twisted and Spoiled, Bunny Hop Gift
Hair:  *Shop Seu* kurukuru Hair Group Gift (join group, look in notices) 
Boots:  EvA Footwear Free Easter Bunny Boots  
Skin:  Lazolli Lucy 002  Gift in Store 
Eyes:  Reale Eyes Vivid Light Green
Egg Seat:  Trixxy’s Shop Bunny Hop Gift 
Model:  Molly

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