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I wanna be a cowgirl, baby!

So I won these boots on the [BUKKA] Lucky Chair…finally, after about 100 tp’s where someone beat me to them.  These boots are great, very detailed, and have 3 sizes for the upper, short, medium and tall, so they are quite versatile.  I started trying to put an outfit together and had picked this skirt from Chikka and then got stuck. 

After many tantrums, tears, Perion smacking me around, and a full day later…I found the PERFECT top!  \YAY/  I love when that happens, although I prefer it to happen before the smacking starts. 

I happened to hit the Modd.G sale and found this top that went perfectly with the look I was going for, and with the belt I had picked out.  The shirt has subtle stripes of turquois which match the turquois in the belt.  The necklace is from the Bunny Hop Hunt and I like the way the chain echos the chain in the belt. 

I threw on a hat from Sn@tch and some bangles from Fishy Strawberry, found myself some horses and a fence, and I am a cowgirl, baby!

All that I am missing is a piece of straw in my mouth.  I know Hallie has that…I should have asked her where she got it.  ;p

My cowgirl outfit:
Boots:  [BUKKA] Engineer Boots from Lucky Chair
Belt:  Teco House Belt Brown  (seriously…that is what it is called ;p)
Bracelet:  Fishy Strawberry Bangles Wood – Gift in Store 
Skirt:  Chikka Design Whiskey Skirt (without belt) from 10L sale  
Necklace:  [MJ+DADA] Choker – Hearts from the Bunny Hop Hunt 
Hair:  Truth Jennifer Blood Dark 
Top:  Modd.G Smocked Waist Tie Front Top (Copper)  – this is not from the sale, but was only 70L
Hat:   Sn@tch Kickass Hat (Death Valley) from Punkin Hunt
Skin:  Lazolli Lucy 002 Gift in Store
Model:  Molly – she won the boots, lucky beyotch
Photos by Perion

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