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Burberry Versatility

Eva has put out a new gift of a pair of amazingly cool boots.  This pair is definitely my favorite of the past gifts she has so generously bestowed on us.  

Of course, I am sort of fashion challenged (why am I on a fashion blog again? *scratches head*) and had tried on everything in my wardrobe.  My skybox was littered with discarded boxes, clothes strewn about everywhere.  I had tp’d back and forth to Perion’s in various states of undress before I finally stumbled on this retro 40’s inspired dress from Elate.  Halleluja!  Just in the nick of time before I had a complete fashion breakdown! The colors of the dress seemed to compliment the boots really well. 

Meantime, Perion had easily thrown together a totally hot look with her pair of Eva Burberry boots.  How she does this is beyond me.  She makes it look so easy.  sighs.

I went for a very retro look and Perion went with a very modern, chic, woman-about-town look.  At this point, we decided to double blog to show just how versatile these boots are!   And it avoided a catfight on who was going to blog the boots.  ;p   Although I do think P is giving me a bit of an evil eye in this photo.

Here is a close up of the boots, showing the detail, the awesome texturing and the lovely shape of the boot.  They are just perfect.  And did I mention FREE?  

What I am wearing:

Boots:  Eva Burberry Free Gift 
Hair:  ETD Nadia Black
Dress:  Elate! Lillie 
Earrings:  Moontan Jewelry Silveries 
Bracelet:  Glowing Gems Ann Bracelet with 60 color changing HUD 
Skin:  Redgrave Ashley Tan Smoky 2 
Eyes:  Reale Eyes Vivid Dark Blue 

What Perion is wearing:

Coat: MichaMi, Noomi Jacket in Cream
Shirt: ~GypsySoul~ , From the Singular Outfit
Jeans: Emery, Zoe Denim
Belt: It’s called Courbe Belt and it’s from a store that is apparently now closed. Sob.
Boots: EvA Footwear, Burberry Boots
Skin: ::Tuli:: Kalista Tan 04
Hair: Naughty Designs, Impulse – Black Pearl
Eyes: Glamurena, Mossy Eye

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