Mythical Pantycorn

It does exist…

I don’t know if you can tell but I’m pro-unicorn.  I’m also a sucker for gifts that I can hug and walk around SL with.   Also, if you don’t know wtf I’m talking about you’re hiding under a rock and you need to go directly to the lobby.  Go there and get your gear…

My um (would you call this an outfit?) 

Skin:  [Rockberry] Willow C Tan 

Eyes:  Karamia Brown Eyes

Hair:  BP* mitsuami hair/pompa braid

Shirt:  (jacket layer) Schadenfreude MORE Glitter tee (tshirt layer) KUROTSUBAKI cut and sewn_gray

Underwear:  Gritty Kitty  Boy Panties-Green  Accoutrements (Mythical Pantycorn)–part of panty hunt at the Starlust (not available) 

Socks:  Sock Shop  Glitter Unicorn Sex Socks 

Boots:  :::Duh!::: Ankle Boots- Unicorns Rule 

Unicorns:  Bittersweet Stuffed Uni’s (It’s in the lobby

Hallie ❤

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