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Twisted and Malted

You have probably all heard about the hunt at Malt.  There are around 10 outfits to find, but you have to pay 50L for each one.  I wasn’t going to do the hunt, but then saw these jeans and I HAD. TO. HAVE!!   ZOMG.  I LOVE these jeans.  The textures are incredibly realistic and amazingly well done.  Look at the wrinkles…they look so REAL!  And they have a fantastic butt.   That can often be a problem in SL jeans…bad butt…but not in these jeans.

I just had to upload a new version of SL and let me tell you…trying to find the jeans was a nightmare.  I am so laggy now, it is making me seasick and I could hurl at any moment.  Thank goodness I found them before I did.  😐    You buy the swirly thing on the front of this planter for the jeans.  Again, they are 50L so this is not a free hunt….but these jeans are WELL worth it. 

I also wanted to show you a couple other nice things I got recently.  Twisted and Spoiled has a cute set for their Group Gift.  I am showing the necklace/collar and the belt.  It also comes with a bikini I am not showing.  The best thing about this belt…it fit me perfectly with out a whole lot of messing around, stretching and moving.  I love that.  ;p

The corset is from the Skinsane Lucky Chair.  These corsets are gorgeous.  Beautifully textured and come in really lovely, rich colors.  They are also available to buy in the store if you don’t feel like waiting on the chair.

The deets:
Jeans:   Malt Loose Fit Denim from Malt Hunt 50L  
Collar and Belt:  Twisted and Spoiled Superstar Jewelry – Group Gift
Top:   Skinsane Corset in Wine – Lucky Chair
Hair:  Slink – Holly in Dark Auburn  – upstairs at Slink store
Shoes:  ETD Heel Strap Platform – Black
Skin:   Redgrave Jennifer Tan Smoky3 
Poses:  Elisa
Location:   Malt Fashions
Model:  Zara
Photos by Perion ❤

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