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Go get Sn@tched!

Sn@tch is opening their new Sn@tch City this weekend so I took a run down to see what was what.  Ivey’s notecard said that there was one free item in the store, as well as a special 50L item in each section.  The new store is HUGE so I was there for quite a while and found a couple of the 50L items and the freebie. YAY!  I wanted to put up a quick post so you don’t miss out on these specials!   These prices are good for this weekend only! 

The thing I picked up that I like the most is the Starchild set.  For this first look, I am showing the pink Starchild top with the Rode Hard Jeans that are free this weekend.  I am not going to tell you where the jeans are.  Go find ’em yourself.   ;p
No, seriously, Ivey, the owner and designer of Sn@tch, doesn’t like it when we give out locations, and I am going to respect that.  So start hunting.  ;p

I finished this look with a pair of super hot boots I got from *YourSkin & YourShape* called Zero Boots, and the Starry Night Necklace and Earring set from Twisted and Spoiled which was a former group gift. 

I am also showing the Starchild top with the shorts that came with the set.  This is the top and shorts in black.  In case you needed that pointed out.  😐
This set comes in a total of 6 colors!  That is 6 tops and 6 pair of shorts!  All for 50L this weekend!  Even at the usual price of 250L that is a bargain! 

All the details:

Sn@tch Starchild  50L  for this weekend only, shown in Black and Pink.  You also get blue, brown, green, and purple.    All for 50L!!    This LM should give you an arrow to follow to find the outfit.

Sn@tch Rode Hard Jeans with Snatch Logo- FREE this weekend only – but you gotta find them.   Hee.

*YourShape* Zero Boots in Black – 300L

Twisted and Spoiled Starry Night Necklace and Earring Set – Former Group Gift  

1st pic –Truth Hair – Olivia in Gala Red 

2nd pic – Truth Hair –  Julie in Gala Red  

Both pics – Redgrave Jennifer skin in Tan Smoky3

Model is Zara
Photos by Perion taken at the new Starlust Anchor City which opened today.

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