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Giving in to Green

I don’t do holidays.  *grumble*   I am a freebie shopper, always looking for that one really great bargain, but holidays in SL…seriously, how much pink or orange can one person wear??  Plus,  I am not a huge fan of green, so St. Patrick’s Day really isn’t my holiday.  But the next thing you know, I found a couple of really nice green things, and I surrendered!   So here is my St. Patrick’s Day post.  *sigh*

First up…Apple May had a special on her Little Clover outfit in Green.  It was only 10L!  Apple May does really nice work, so I was very excited to get this outfit for such a great price!   The top is lovely…it will be one of my favorites…even though it is green.  ;p

I paired it with a skirt I got for free from Blue Blood, an Illusions necklace from the jewelry expo, Magika Lucky Chair hair, and a Tuli hunt skin.  Total cost of outfit:  about 11L. 

Close up of skin and necklace.  You can change the stone in the necklace, which is pretty cool.

Next up…I went to Sweeter Than Candy to use a gift card the owner had generously given out, and my letter came up on the Lucky Chair.  I won this cute green tank. 

I put this with a skirt I got from the Sn@tch mob vend, the Vixen picks reward gift, a cute freckled skin from *Your Skin & Your Shape*,  a Dark Mouse necklace, and some ETD boots for an Irish lass sorta look.  Total cost:  about 80L for skirt and boots.

Close up of skin and necklace.

Lastly, a bit of retro glam…

This dress is a gift from Nicky Ree. I put it together with a group gift hair from Calico Creations and a necklace from Aluinn.  Total cost:  1L

Yeah, so.  Green.  Go figure.

1st look:
Hair – Magika Mushi Blonde B from Lucky Chair 
Skin – Tuli Meredith Tan from Pumpkin Hunt 
Necklace – *~*Illusions*~* Graced Jewelry Expo Gift 
Top – Apple May Little Clover in Green.  Top only.  
Skirt – Blue Blood Skirt from Tango Outfit 
Bracelet – Jill Color Change  Free at Jill MainStore 
Boots – Black Stilettos – Vinyl Cafe   Free

2nd look:
Hair – Vixen Picks Reward – Geniver Spice Light 
Skin –  *Your Skin & Your Shape*  Chiara Reloaded – Spring Makeup – Former Group Gift 
Top – Sweeter Than Candy “The Green Club” Lucky Chair Gift  
Necklace – The Dark Mouse True Metal Cross  Former Hunt Gift 
Belt – Sn@tch from Badass Bitch from Hell Set – Former Gift  
Bracelet – SOKUBAKU by Mao Tachikawa – I can’t find that she has a store anymore…I really ought to check these things BEFORE I take the pics. oops.
Skirt – Sn@tch Firecracker Jean Skirt from MobVend  
Boots – ETD Buckle Boots Black – opening soon?  cry

3rd Look
Gown – Nicky Ree Satin Shine in Lime  
Hair – Calico Group gift Sadira II in Mocha 
Earrings – EarthStones Unisex Diamond Studs 
Necklace – Aluinn Tear Drop Necklace 
Skin – Lazolli Lucy (previously blogged)
Shoes – Stilettos by Perion available at Duh!

Location – Lilly’s Irish Pub.  Really pretty sim!!    And my skybox.  😐  
All photos but the 2 close ups by Perion.  ❤


  1. Renee Harvy
    March 16, 2009 at 6:45 pm

    I love that necklace! Why, why, why did my computer have to die during that expo *sob*

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