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New Trails


I love New Trails. So scenic. So lovely. So well done.

The man behind it, vitrail Illios, is an absolute genius in tree-design. No shit, yo. I’ve met him too… way back in the day when he was still working on this sim. How I stumbled across it is anyone’s guess… but he’s a really nice, generous fellow. He gave me a tree and a bracelet. Maybe in an effort to get me to go the hell away. Maybe it was because I’m nice ‘n shit. No matter… as long as I got ’em. Hee.

Here are some pics of this beautiful sim, with my big, ole mug right in the center of it all:

You can buy his creations, too. They’re not just trees either… there are flowers, water, grass, etc. etc. etc. He has a store right over here, all very reasonably priced. So go get some landscaping supplies and pretty up your land, bitches.

Oh, and be sure to subscribe to the group thingy, subscribido, whateverthehellitscalled… cuz like I said, vitrail is very generous with the gifts. And every one of them is better than the previous one.

Other deets:

Hair: Truth, Polly – Raven

Dress: ::Boneflower:: , Sundress-Blue Print

Shoes: Pixel Mode, Leeza V2 – Liquid

Jewelry: Caroline’s Love of Pearls Bracelet and Earrings

  1. March 10, 2009 at 8:51 pm

    Love the dress, Perion. It’s very pretty.

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