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Fabulous Free Skin by Lazolli – Lucy

This one is for you girls who like the paler skin tones. My “M” alt is lucky, she can get away with pale skins. In fact, I prefer her shape in pale skins. The very generous Lazolli recently put out a new free skin called Lucy. You MUST go pick up this skin. I have actually seen this skin mentioned in quite a few blogs, but hadn’t seen any detailed photos of it. So I had Perion snap a few the other night so you all can see just how nice this skin is.

I like the lips on this skin very much…a very pretty shade of deep pink with just a hint of shine. The eye makeup is quite dramatic with very dark eyeliner with a hint of pink on the brows. Lovely eyebrows and a very sweet nose.

The body is extremely nicely detailed. The belly has a hint of musculature, but is not overdone. I like bellies that seem a little bit soft. This skin has the bit of a tan line that the Nicole skin I previously reviewed has. The shading on the bewbs is exquisite and the skin has a well done collar bone. Even P likes the collar bone and she is a collar bone snob. ;p

Lazolli has done, as usual, a fantastic butt. Excellent butt cleavage and nicely shaded butt cheeks. ;p

Here are a couple of gratuitous shots just for fun and droolage.

The details:

Skin:  Lazolli  Lucy 002 – Free – TP to store, go to the left, the skin is in a box on the table, next to the bags with the Julia skin.
Hair in first picture:   Diversity Hair. – Jess in black – Free in the hair section
Hair in the other pics:   ETD – Jenna in Black – ETD is closed at the moment, but will hopefully be opening soon.  30L during Elika’s fantastic Hair Sale
Shoes:  Jimmy Chau – Surudoi in Red – Free during the Tuli Treasure Hunt
Lingerie:  Rejudor – Silk bra and panties – Free at the Main Store

So head over to Lazolli, pick up the Lucy skin, and while you are there, get some demos and buy yourself a skin also.  You won’t regret it.

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