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Prim Nipples Gone Bad

Okay…let’s be honest…there is no such thing as GOOD prim nipples.  Unless you are turned on by pencil erasers, and if that is the case, please leave this blog now and never return.  kthx. 

I do not, and will never, understand the attraction to prim nipples.  I have spent some time in Gor (yes, that is a WHOLE other subject and I don’t want to hear about how awful Gor is so just shut it.)  Anyway…prim nipples seem to be all the rage in Gor, along with Redgrave skins.  sigh.  I love Redgrave skins but they are so overdone now, especially in Gor.  But I digress, that is a bitch for another day

Back to *sob* prim nipples…under the best of circumstances, I find them gross and disturbing.  But if you check out these pics, you can see that these are magic, floating prim nipples.  This guy, and yes, it was a GUY with prim nipples, was not new.  And it wasn’t like he was adjusting them as he was sitting there.  I hung around for quite a while, unable to look away, to see if they moved.  Yeah, no…they didn’t.  They just kept floating out there…two disembodied creepy pink pencil erasers. *bleaches eyeballs*

My first experience with prim nipples was actually a guy in a strip club…and he had them stuck so far out that it looked like bicycle tire air stems.  I wanted to take a pair of pruning shears to them.  

*has flashback to 3rd grade when the eraser fell out of my pencil*

*has flashback to 3rd grade when the eraser fell out of my pencil*

Please everyone, check your prim nipples for floatage.    

  1. March 4, 2009 at 9:43 pm

    Hehe. You girls are brilliant.
    I love that you bring this sort of travesty to our attention.

  2. Genny
    March 12, 2009 at 10:06 pm

    I like the ones that float outside of several layers of clothing. They are nipples to be reckoned with! They will not be held back by mere CLOTHING.

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