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Inspired by P…Freebies “M” style

I once made an alt, the specific purpose being to see if I could make a totally free avatar that looked good.  So, “M” was born, and she has an almost entirely free wardrobe.  I have, over time, bought a few pairs of boots, and some hair at the ETD sale, but everything else she has was free.  And she has an inventory of over 7000 items.  Yeah…she needs to organize and purge. 

So inspired by P’s post, here is my effort to show that you can look good in SL without spending a ton of cash.
You don’t have to go around in bad skin and system shoes.  cry. 
It takes a little effort and time, but if you watch the freebie blogs, there are some great items out there.

These are not freebies that are necessarily currently available, but these are designers and stores you might want to look into. 

This outfit is mostly by PixelDolls.  PixelDolls is one of my favorite stores, and the Belle Star location, run by Wayne Babii is great for sales, hunts and freebies.   Wayne is very generous and also gives out gift cards frequently.  His group is called PixelDoll Clothing Rawks!  It is worth a space in your groups. 

So top to bottom.

The hair is a former group gift from Magika.  Magika has great lucky chairs, group gifts and hunts. 

Skin is from the Kiss Hunt from Belleza.

Necklace is a former gift from the Jewelry expo by Cailyn’s Classic Jewelry

Top is the Emilie top, without the prim by PixelDolls, a former gift from Wayne’s BelleStar Location.

Skirt and hose are part of an outfit set called PixelLounge Gathered set by PixelDolls.  Can’t remember exactly when I got it, but I know I didn’t pay for it.  😐 

Boots are by Shi.  A former monthly gift. 

Bracelet is a very cool color change bracelet that is still available at Jill

Shape is a hunt gift from Hourglass shapes that I modded. 

Eyes are by Reale, a former group gift. 

M’s AO is an “under 30 day old” freebie and all poses in this post are from Long Awkward Pose.

Photos by Perion ❤ 
Taken at The Refuge and Expansion by AM Radio

  1. February 23, 2009 at 1:34 pm

    I love Pixel Dolls! I found them early in my sl and a few of the tops are still among my inventory favorites. Btw… great blog!

  2. Gabby
    February 23, 2009 at 6:13 pm

    Thanks, Krissy! I know…I have so many favorite Pixeldolls items…you just can’t go wrong!

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