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Are you sick of pink and red yet?

Why no, Im not pregnant.  Why do you ask?

Why no, I'm not pregnant. Why do you ask?

Yeah, me too.   We’ll both have to just suck it up though, because almost a week after the big day, SL is still full of Valentine’s goodies.  As always, most everything I mention is free or 1L and slurls are provided in the post where available. 

First up is this dress from Kungler’s (group gift).  I have a love/hate relationship with it.  On one hand, it’s a great idea, and great texture, and a really unique addition to my freebie heavy closet.  On the other hand, this dress is the definition of “makes my ass look fat”.   In fact, it makes my front look fat too.    If you are beyond worrying about such things, join the group here, and look for it in the messages.   Hair is the lovely lamb group freebie, and unless you live under a rock (and don’t read any other posts in the blog) you’ve seen it.  It’s still in the group messages today, and I tinted it to go slightly better with the dress than the candy pink it comes in.  Necklace is a Ghost Hunt gift (long over) from igems.  Shoes are an old weekly offering from SKG.   They have white stilettos this week for 10L.  Skin was an old freebie from Cybernetic (Amy) that I just love and wear all the time.

I know the glasses arent rezzed

I know the glasses aren't rezzed



Next is this cool tank top from the Valentine’s hunt at Crush Row.  There are some really lovely freebies here, but I don’t know how much longer the hunt will last.   The pants are from Wave and the skin is also a Crush Row hunt offering.   The hair is in the Pudge Group and the boots are from Duh! (20L, but there is a dollarbie pair in green).   Here is a close up of the glasses so you can see that they really do rez… just not when SL is feeling sluggish.

I need this belt in my RL

I need this belt in my RL


Last is this adorable dress, also from the Crush Row hunt.  You have to look a bit, as the dress is down the small walkway to the side of Aoharu.   It’s an offering from “It’s in the Bag”, and I had to cam into the store to buy it (where is the door?).  At the end of the same walk is the lovely GBL store, with the glasses from my previous outfit and these adorable flats.  The hair is Waka & Yuki here (you have to buy the actual box sticking out of the bag, not the gift bag.. TRICKY), and the skin is Pdiddle (Crush Row hunt again).

 Below are the flats up close.  I love the color of these and all the extra detailing. 

I need these too!

I need these too!

Photos were taken at the Blue Blood/Unique Needs sim.  I went for the free public photo spheres but liked the the grounds so much, I wandered around and shot my pictures there.

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