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One of my favorite hobbies in SL is checking out my inventory to determine what I’m lacking… and then I go shopping for it. Usually it’s boots because the 4641396943176249 pairs I have are not enough, dammit. Recently, however, I determined that my dance animation selection left a little to be desired. I’m not really one to go clubbing in SL but hell, a girl’s gotta be prepared, y’know?

I tp’ed over to that lag hell that is Sine Wave Island because, let’s face it, if you’re in the dance animation market, you check there first. You just do. Shut it.

As predicted, a million other avis were there… but I did manage to fly to a less laggier part of the sim about an hour later. And by “less laggier” I mean, I got away from that dimwit who was setting off their “HooooOOOO!!!” gesture every 15 nanoseconds. Look, dude, I can do that, too. I just don’t because I’m not an asshole.

I landed in front of this sign:



 Are you fucking SHITTING ME?! This was made for me. HAD. TO. HAVE.

I tp’ed Hallie over and we both bought it immediately. Now I must say that capturing the beauty of this AO in pictures is virtually impossible… but here’s a few shots anyway: 

At $800L, it was a bit pricey for me…. but you gotta know when to splurge a little. This is one of those times. Get your asses over there and buy this, bitches, you’ll thank me for it. Here’s a taxi to it. You’re welcome.

The coolest thing about Sine Wave is that the owner, Easy Babcock, or a member of the staff IMs you personally and thanks you for your purchase. They have even sent me IMs in the past to tell me about new releases ‘n stuff. It may be an automated thing but I don’t care. It’s very cool of them. Fuck off.


What I’m wearing: Fuck if I know. A bunch of stuff from a bunch of different folders.

What Hallie is wearing: I have no clue. Ask her.

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